Our team consists of a group of talented, dedicated design, technical and administrative professionals. Design, design presentations, technical documentation and contract administration is dealt with on a personal director to project basis.

Established in 1984, Afro Plan Architects, today, makes use of advanced 2D, 3D, rendering and administration software packages for design, documentation and project administration.


Our intense interest in "Buildings as Investments" has, over the years, equipped us with a sensitivity towards our client's needs as an investor.

Afro Plan Architects designs and manages building projects on behalf of clients and constantly endeavors to fine tune these projects towards excellence.


DIRECTOR: Jan van der Merwe
B.Arch (UCT) Pr Arch Ml Arch (PIA)
ISAA - 4586
SACAP - 3504
PIA VM 0200
Registered as architect in Mozambique Nr 1345/A



TEL: 012 348 6478
FAX: 086 656 4159

1 Daventry Forum
15 Daventry Road
Lynnwood Manor